1953: Token | 1992: MetroCard | 2019: OMNY

The future of the MTA presents: OMNY, “One Metro New York”. In an effort to modernize travel and daily commutes, NYC transportation will transition to contactless payment methods by 2023. Any contactless bank card or credit card can be used, or you can also program your own card into your smartphone’s digital wallet to tap & pay.

This solves a problem that I’m well acquainted with. I can’t count the amount of times I forgot to refill my MetroCard & need to hunt down a station to add funds. I chose to give a visual identity to OMNY when I heard rumors about it & began to speculate how it can be implemented. I wanted to start with a logo and develop it into other aspects of how OMNY can be experienced. The visual identity is made to appeal to commuters of all ages, and its geometric forms are universally understood and timeless. By combining the elements of previous methods of payment, the logo represents an evolution of integration. With the introduction of contactless payment to the MTA, NYC will become more efficient than ever before, which inspired the tagline: The City That Never Swipes.

I have created certain elements in order to flesh out the OMNY brand a bit more for some possible concerns. For those that wish to have a platform dedicated for commuting fees, I designed a stand-alone card that would be used solely for traveling with the MTA. This may be for companies to distribute to employees or for students that are too young to open bank accounts. The OMNY Card would also be used by commuters without smart devices and by those that wish to load cash onto the card at dedicated OMNY fixtures.

The app is designed to be used in place of the physical card. It also lets you link a credit card to an OMNY account without having to program it to your entire digital wallet. The app provides updates such as delays, train locations, and bus routes throughout the city.

GIFs to help spread the word through social media.


Poster to raise awareness within subway stations or bus stops.


App is designed to be minimal for quick access to what’s necessary. Just a click to open, then scroll to present your card. Tap. Pay. Done.